Terms & Conditions

First and foremost, DrChopShop.com/DrChopShop.net is/are not affiliated with any previously mentioned brands or companies, and their logos/imagery is used in the strictest form of compliment to them.
By making a purchase at drchopshop.com/.net, you hereby agree to the terms set forth that all items are of custom nature and understand that due to this, there are NO REFUNDS ALL SALES ARE FINAL. I will do my best to make an unhappy owner happy, but also understand that you can't always make everybody happy. It is life.
All custom jobs will now have NO estimated time for completion. They will be done when they are done. The more emails I receive regarding them, the longer they will take, period. This is not a hobby, and there are a ton of projects coming in daily. Please be patient and you will get the best possible finished piece I can create. The weather is the biggest cause of delay with back ordered items from the manufacturer being second. I can't control either, so understand that now. Heat and humidity affect the finished piece, so I take care not to rush and subject any project to adverse conditions for the sake of hurrying things through. Sorry, but that's not going to change.
When you project is complete, photographs will be posted in the various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Cerakote's Gallery Page, and the forums pertaining to your item. When you see the item posted, rest assured it should ship within the set shipping schedule for the week and you WILL receive tracking information. If you have not seen the item photographed, that means it is not finished, and please be patient as it will be soon. Be aware, the photographs are the sole property of www.DrChopShop.com/.net and DrChop. You may NOT use the photograph of your item, or any other photograph/image belonging to DrChopShop without prior approval. That especially means eBay uses or any other sales outlet. There is NO exception to this policy.
We ship to the address provided during checkout, however, if it is via PayPal, there MUST be a confirmed address prior to shipment. That is their policy for seller/buyer protection, and we do not bend that rule. Please be advised, any delays caused because of this will NOT be our responsibility. Unfortunately, those are the rules we must play by. Also please note, shipping provided in the cart is for DOMESTIC USA ONLY. Items deemed for international destinations must clear any and all costs of shipping prior to shipment. All international destined items will be shipped at FULL DECLARED VALUE. Period. All duties and taxes are the recipient's responsibility.
In light of recent errors on the part of the USPS, the ONLY Domestic USA shipping will be Fedex, NO PO BOX ADDRESSES and prices are reflective of this in the checkout. USPS will still be the standard for International or Non Continental US shipments. If you have a problem with the tracking status of a USPS based shipment, contact them. A tracer can usually resolve the problem, they do make a lot of tracking system mistakes, that is just OUT OF MY CONTROL. Please make sure your information is on the outside of the parcel. Too many times, items will go untouched for lengthy periods of time due to no customer info on the parcel. Packages aren't opened until time of processing, so we have no way of knowing if an item belongs to someone otherwise. This is especially common if you use a service to ship like Postal Annex, UPS Stores, Company Shipping Departments, and so on. Best to simply write your name at least on the box.
*DOES NOT apply to delays caused by mother nature, availability of supplies or back-ordered items from the manufacturers.


  • Proper care is necessary for any finish to last the test of time. Please be sure to periodically wash your item (providing it is possible for said item) and clean it. The finish on your new custom eyewear will last if you take care of it, but abuse it, and you can't expect much. Sweat is harsh on finishes, so be sure to at least wipe down your frames after you are done with the activity. You can wash with a mild soap, although dish soap is NOT recommended. If your item has a high gloss non Cerakote clear top coat, you can actually wax it with the same waxes you use on your automobile. That will help maintain it's shine just the same, and should you knick or scuff them, minor polishing is also possible, however any damage done to the frame will not be our responsibility. Items carry NO warranty, implied or expressed otherwise. Items are heat cured at the recommended temperatures set by the material manufacturers. Be aware, any damage as a result of the heat curing process such as warping, melting, cracking or even breakage are not the fault of DrChopShop.com and we will not be held liable for any issues relating to such processes. Cerakote requires heat curing, Oakley frames have proven to not have issues, however, other manufacturers have not been tested and there is no level of certainty they can handle the processes involved, they will be processed at your assumed risk. Should a problem arise, please contact us and we can inspect the item and determine what course to correct is necessary. Should there be the rare coating failure, we will do our best to remedy such problem, but because we can not control the environment the items are subjected to, we can't guarantee a problem won't arise again.

    Lens Changes can create chips in some finishes, and should this happen, it is 100% your responsibility as the owner. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHANGE LENSES INSIDE OF 90 DAYS of receipt of the freshly painted frames (ceraktote does not apply to this rule), paint can take up to 90 days to fully cure. Chrome and Mirrored finishes are NOT paint. They are delicate and can present problems if you should treat them with anything less than the utmost of care. Chips, cracks, and even flakes can occur should you bend or stress a frame in any manner not considered normal wear. These finishes are much more brilliant than the painted or chemical processed "chrome" finishes, please respect your investment.

    By completing a purchase here at DrChopShop.net/com, you understand and agree to all processing times, care requirements, and terms. No Warranties are expressed or implied, all jobs are custom and are non refundable. Lead times are not minimum or maximum, just a baseline. Estimated completion times quoted are only estimations and not binding. Changes in workload volume, equipment maintenance, and other outside variables such as availability of materials can cause changes to completion times at any given time. Any item received will NOT qualify for any refund should the item be requested returned. Thanks again for your understanding. NO SPECIFIC information will be released to anyone asking about their item(s) in process if the message doesn't come straight from the person who placed the order. We do not release any information to anyone who is not the paying/ordering party. What that means is simply this: If you send in items in a joint order with a relative, co-worker or friend, only the person who placed the order and remitted payment will be given any information. Thank you for your understanding of the matter. We protect your information first and foremost. We reserve the right to refuse services to anyone for any reason at any time. That means if you send in an item(s) for coatings and are unruly, send too many emails/messages asking status repeatedly, engage in public rants, or are a general nuisance, your item will be pushed to the end of the line for pending jobs to be completed. Should you continue, your parcel(s) will be marked return to sender and handed back to the carrier and your item(s) will be sent back in whatever condition/phase of processing they are in. Drchopshop.com and it's owner will NOT be held liable for any item(s) that go missing during transit should said scenario occur. You will be notified that your item(s) are being sent back, it will be up to you the owner to send a label for return shipping if you wish it to be handled any other way than "return to sender". Any transaction via this site and it's payment processing sub-sites are bound by these terms and are not negotiable. Thank you for your understanding and feel free to ask questions prior to engaging in a transaction.